High Pearl Eyeshadow
Brighten your eyes with shiny colors in shades of the rainbow. The High-Pearl Long Lasting Eyeshadow, thanks to its advanced composition gives you a seductive, mysterious and alluring look that lasts throughout the day, without the need of multiple layers. Give yourself the look that suits you best, from the bright colors to the most mysterious shades.
Matte Eyeshadow
For attractive looks the Matte Long Lasting series offers shadows with matte shades for every important occasion. Spread evenly in the upper eyelid erasing the brow arch, while for more light also spread on the lower eyelid. For an impressive look that lasts.
Satin Eyeshadow
The Satin Long Lasting Eyeshadow, with its renewed creamy texture, gives you a charming look that lasts more time than similar shades. Pigment-rich with an ultra soft texture, Satin Eyeshadows are low in binders, so payoff is amazing and never chalky! Give your eyes a stunning look with our many color variations.