Nail Polish 40" Fast Dry - Up to 8 days
Our new nail polish 40" Fast Dry, lasts up to 8 days, thanks to its advanced formula. Create your own color palette, choosing among 420 different color shades, without fearing of breaking, or for multiple applications.
Nail Polish Matte - Fast Dry
Bring the matte excitement to your nails, with our Matte Nail Polish Fast Dry. We crafted 54 different matte color shades for a look that lasts! Its new composition, ensure faster drying times, no breaking and no need of multiple applications
Nail Polish 3D - Glitter - 4G
For the women who take chances and risks, the Elixir Make Up Glitter + 3D Nail polish, are their best ally. Thanks to it's shiny formula and the fast drying process, you will get an attractive look that lasts.

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